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In cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Child Care (MoHCW), Riders has been working in Zimbabwe for 27 years since 1993. To date, we have enabled various health partners to deliver health care services throughout the country. We have been training and mobilising environmental health technicians (EHTs) on motorcycles so that they can reach distant communities with the essential primary health care services. Additionally, in 2010, Riders also introduced the Sample Transport (ST) programme in Zimbabwe – a model that is specifically designed to improve the reliability in laboratory samples referral and reduce the delay in monitoring and diagnosing diseases like HIV and tuberculosis.

Riders also operates the International Academy of Vehicle Management (IAVM), based just outside Harare, which offers training in road safety, vehicle management and maintenance.


Integrated Sample Transport System Conference, Kadoma, Zimbabwe (April 2019).

For two weeks, Riders Zimbabwe participated in the first integrated Sample transport system planning and concept note building conference in Kadoma organized by the Ministry of Health and Child Care. The conference was sponsored by the World Health Organisation and it brought together the various departments of MoHCW including the National Laboratory Services,  National TB and HIV Control Programme, the department of Environmental Health and the City Health departments from Zimbabwe’s major cities of  Harare, Bulawayo, Gweru, Kwekwe and Mutare. International partners who attended include The Union, USAID, APHL and CHAI. The planning was based on the costing model of a national sample transport system designed and implemented by Riders Zimbabwe prior to the conference, on request by the Global Fund. The participants were excited to learn from Riders Zimbabwe’s experience and well curated Sample Transport systems.

Motorcycles Assembling and Pre-delivery Inspection

In February 2020, over a five-day period, four Riders Zimbabwe technicians assembled and carried out pre-delivery inspection on 129 Honda XL125L motorcycles in Harare on behalf of the Global Fund. The motorcycles shall be used for the Integrated Sample Transport operations in the country’s ten (10) provinces.

Riders Zimbabwe gives Expert Consent on Sample Transport Equipment and Motorcycles Clothing- March 2020.

Riders Zimbabwe is a long standing partner of the Ministry of Health and Child Care, having worked with the Ministry for 27 years.  Riders advises the Ministry of Health on transport management and preventive maintenance systems.  It is within this role that in March 2020, the Ministry of Health and Child Care supported by Riders Zimbabwe was requested to work with UNDP in the RFQ bidding process for the procurement of Sample Transport Equipment and Motorcycles clothing.


Riders offers our partners customised transport solutions including the following.

Planning and budgeting assistance for managed transport systems

Vehicle selection and procurement

Training of vehicle users in basic & advanced riding/driving & basic maintenance

Routing and scheduling for vehicles to maximise efficiency

Outreach maintenance, sending our technicians to service vehicles where they are based

Preventive maintenance to replace parts before they break down

Reliable supply of genuine replacement parts

Fuel management

Insurance coverage through third parties


Managing 1,300 vehicles across seven African countries, Riders produces results for partners including:

Increased vehicle longevity • Reduced vehicle downtime due to outreach and preventive maintenance Reliable supply chain of high-quality replacement parts Safer riders and drivers and fewer accidents Long-term cost savings Reduced time spent on vehicle management issues as a result of outsourcing Predictable budgeting and no unexpected repair costs Regular reporting on vehicle usage Improved health outcomes as a result of reliable transport systems

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