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The impact upon community health from effective management of transport are often staggering. Now, no child immunisation clinic in the Gambia is ever cancelled because of transport failure. The child immunisation rate in the Gambia is about 97%. All pregnant women in danger are referred, by ambulance, to a suitable facility.

In Lesotho, anyone tested for HIV, however remote the clinic, with get a result within six days. Before Riders, it was often up to three months.

In Malawi – Riders’ 29 ST couriers transported an average of 148 samples and results each per month, which means over 38,000 samples and results were transported by Riders’ ST couriers over the year. Health centre interviews suggest that turnaround times have been reduced dramatically from 11 days to 6 for TB tests and from 10 days tests to just 4 days for CD4.

During the follow up interviews, 98% (n=151) of health centres said that they are more likely to offer testing to patients because of the ST programme, and 89% of health centres said that they have noticed that more patients are accepting testing. 95% (n=147) of health centres rated the system four “satisfied” or five “very satisfied” out of five.

Furthermore, 98% (n=151) of health centres were satisfied with the professionalism of the Riders’ ST couriers. For the laboratories, 91% (n=21) rated the system four or five out of five and 91% (n=21) of laboratories were satisfied with the professionalism of the Riders’ ST couriers

In Liberia , any suspected sample of the Ebola virus known as a “priority sample” from anywhere in the country will now be tested with results quickly known across the four laboratories in the country. There will be no more surprise outbreaks.

Riders for Health Liberia has been transporting an average of 3500 samples/month reaching a peak of a 5053 samples/month during the heightened Ebola surveillance. Before Riders 75% of the samples took more than 24 hours to reach laboratories, with Riders for Health involvement an average of 78% of samples arrive at laboratories within 24 hrs utilising a new innovative relay system to respond to the large distances.

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