Our History

Access of Healthcare to the Last Mile

Riders grew out of a humanitarian impulse from within the worldwide motorcycle community.

Where it all started

Riders for Wellbeing International has 28 years knowledge capital and experience on managing transport in Africa emanating from the experienced staff it has.

Riders for Wellbeing International (RFWI) opened its doors in the UK in July 2016.  Currently actively works closely with Riders for Health Liberia, Kenya, Zambia, and Zimbabwe

Purpose of existence

The organisation was set out to:

  1. Expand and share best practices horned from over many years of managing transport in Africa and other harsh environments, through partnering with Ministries of Health, Bilateral Institutions, and other Health focused organization to ensure access to vital health services in remote, and often underserved, communities in sub-Saharan Africa utilising over 30 years of experience.
  2. Encourage African governments to include in their fiscus enough funding for maintenance of vehicles (motor-vehicles and motorcycles), sustainable, value for money and transparent equipment maintenance system
  3. To find solutions to maintenance of equipment and proper management of vehicles and motorcycles to ensure effective access for health in rural Africa and beyond
  4. Encourage the young people of Africa to take up the initiative and ensure sustainable development.
Current Stage

New beginnings

2 December 2020- Change of name from Riders for Health International to Riders for Wellbeing International

Current Stage