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In January 2008, Riders began managing a national motorcycle fleet that mobilised outreach health workers across all ten districts. With reliable transportation, health worker productivity has increased with more than double the number of people visited and three times the number of villages visited each week. This programme proved so successful that Riders was soon approached by the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) and asked to build on our core vehicle management services to develop a new system specifically designed to increase primary level access to laboratory-based diagnostics, even in the most remote and rugged terrain. Focused on the transportation of diagnostic samples and their results to/from district laboratories, Riders’ Sample Transport (ST) model became a core part of Lesotho’s health outreach programme with 30 sample couriers working across the entire country.

 Since Riders’ ST programme started, there has been a 90% increase in the number of samples and results transported. Riders Lesotho has managed up to 120 motorcycles in this national scale programme


Built on over 30 years of experience in managing vehicles in Africa, we have developed vehicle management solutions founded on three core principles, integral to all that we do:

Preventive maintenance: Riders’ preventive maintenance system will replace parts on vehicles at regular intervals to avoid breakdowns. Our system keeps fleets running, in better condition, for the duration of their intended mechanical lifetime. As well as having workshops across our programmes, we operate an outreach maintenance system where our technicians bring our services to where the partner is working. They travel to a convenient location to conduct regular maintenance on the motorcycles and vehicles, saving time and money.

Training of vehicle users: As important as the maintenance itself, training is critical in keeping vehicle users safe and optimising the life of the vehicle. We will train vehicle users in defensive driving and basic maintenance checks every year. Planning and budgeting: Our unique pricing models enable our partners to manage and budget for on-going running costs. We can offer additional advice and support for setting appropriate budgets for the delivery of sustainable health programmes. We can also advise on the selection of appropriate vehicles for the environment and for our partners’ programmes, our technical team are on-hand to help.


Riders offers our partners customised transport solutions including the following.

Planning and budgeting assistance for managed transport systems

Vehicle selection and procurement

Training of vehicle users in basic & advanced riding/driving & basic maintenance

Routing and scheduling for vehicles to maximise efficiency

Outreach maintenance, sending our technicians to service vehicles where they are based

Preventive maintenance to replace parts before they break down

Reliable supply of genuine replacement parts

Fuel management

Insurance coverage through third parties


Managing 1,300 vehicles across seven African countries, Riders produces results for partners including:

Increased vehicle longevity • Reduced vehicle downtime due to outreach and preventive maintenance Reliable supply chain of high-quality replacement parts Safer riders and drivers and fewer accidents Long-term cost savings Reduced time spent on vehicle management issues as a result of outsourcing Predictable budgeting and no unexpected repair costs Regular reporting on vehicle usage Improved health outcomes as a result of reliable transport systems