Riders for Health in Africa

Where we work

Riders for Health (Riders) is an international NGO and not-for-profit social enterprise working to improve the capacity and efficiency of health care delivery platforms in Africa. Our vision is a world in which health care reaches everyone, everywhere. Our mission is to make the ‘last mile’ the most important mile in health care delivery: creating, showing and sharing the solutions for achieving truly equitable health care. Riders manages vehicles to support the work of those whose remit is to reach the rural poor in sub-Saharan Africa with health care and vital services.

We believe there is merit in outsourcing transport, which is not, nor should it be, a core competency of a health-focused agency.

Riders has managed and systematically maintained fleets of vehicles in Africa for over 20 years to overcome the barrier of accessing health care. We are motivated by the belief and first-hand knowledge that effective, reliable and appropriate transportation can greatly improve and invigorate health systems, thereby supporting and enabling health ministries and other partners to achieve more against their goals.

As a not-for-profit, Riders puts your interests and those of your beneficiaries at the centre of our mission. Whether you want Riders to manage a fleet, mobilise outreach health workers on motorcycles, transport samples or supplies to health centres, or maintain ambulances for emergency referrals, our commitment is to design a customised transport solution for you at a sustainable cost.

Riders Replication

Riders replication at one time termed the “SWAT team” is a team of experts led by the Executive Director in replicating Riders system. They are drawn from all Riders programs in Africa. They were involved in starting or replicating Riders system which eventually became programs in all eight Riders programs. They were involved at the very start of Riders operation were part of designing all systems which has built Riders for Health over the years. The most recent replication is the Country program of Liberia in the fight against Ebola. They are rider/driver instructors; motor-vehicle and motorcycle technical experts, supply chain experts, health logistics and operations management experts, transport economists, partnership management experts etc, understands the work in Africa like the back of their hands.