Trunos Grison -Sample Transport Specialist

After completing the school qualifications of GCSE and A-Levels Trunos trained for 4 yrs to be a motorcycle mechanic. Trunos then worked himself up in the riders Zimbabwe programme, from the motorcycle workshop as a mechanic (2003) to be aworkshop supervisor (2003-4)- motorcycle section, an Uhuru fabricator- motorcycle ambulance (2004-5), marketing manager (2005-7), Midlands province provincial manager (2007-9)technical manager (2009-10) supervising mixed technicians including motor vehicle mechanics, sample transport manager (2010-11), and then, operations manager (2011-current) in charge of Sample transport systems and workshop management systems.Together with the Zimbabwe team, Trunos designed the sample transport system in Zimbabwe working with a USAID sponsored project The UNION. In 2015 during the EVD outbreak in Liberia, Trunos was part of the Global Ebola response team where he played a leading role in designing and setting up the sample transport system network across the entire country for the referral of EVD and other priority disease specimens to the Laboratories.The sample transport project being sponsored by United states Center for Disease Control (CDC), Trunos is the Business Official and Point of contact under the CoAg. Trunos was also involved in setting up Riders operations systems in other different African countries, Lesotho (2008), Kenya (2009), and Madagascar (2014).