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A combination of Riders Competencies and impact on Health

Riders has been able to create innovative solutions and improve reliability and productivity of service delivery based on a vehicle management platform, especially at ‘the last mile’. We support individual partners such as ministries of health (MoHs) and other health-focused organisations in managing their fleets of vehicles, but we have also created specialised logistics systems to support focus areas such as the fight against HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, maternal-child health, last mile supply chain-related activities, etc. Riders combines its competencies in Rider/Driver Training, Some of our interventions include:

Mobilisation of outreach health workers: Riders mobilises outreach health workers on motorcycles and motorvehicles, enabling them to increase coverage and provide more people with information on family planning, screening, breast feeding, immunisations, and healthy living and prevention tools/strategies. Our systems also allow health workers to regularly provide follow-up care/counselling, vaccinations and conduct disease surveillance. This system is our flagship and we mobilise outreach health workers across all of our seven country programmes, five of which are in direct partnership with the respective MoH. Riders also manages vehicles used to transport health workers to scheduled rural outreach clinics.

Last mile distribution (LMD): Riders manages a logistics system to distribute pharmaceuticals and supplies down to the primary facility level, usually from the district/state/regional levels of the health system. At these levels, there is usually a lack of a formalised and reliable system and facilities are often responsible for collecting their supplies, or else the higher level is in charge of using their limited and not-always-functioning vehicle(s). This is a major offering in Nigeria, where we distribute retroviral (ARVs) and HIV-related commodities in two states in the South-South for one partner and also rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) and Artemisinin-based Combination Therapy (ACTs) for another.

Sample transport (ST): Riders’ motorcycle courier system is used to transport patient samples and results between primary health facilities and district laboratories to enable disease diagnosis and monitoring, and to support timely treatment initiation. This courier service can also carry reports and statistics, as well as distribute health supplies. We run these systems in five African countries that is Lesotho, Liberia, Malawi, Nigeria and Zimbabwe.

Emergency referrals: Riders-managed ambulances can efficiently refer patients from health centres to hospitals when a higher level of care is needed, critical in obstetric emergencies. In The Gambia, we employ a leasing system whereby Riders owns the vehicles, including 36 ambulances for patient referrals, and lease them to the MoH on a full-service basis. In Liberia Riders runs 80 ambulances.

International Academy of Vehicle Management (IAVM) - To exemplify all training necessary for effective fleet management, Riders established an International Academy of Vehicle Management (IAVM) in Zimbabwe. The training includes safe riding/driving, daily preventive machine maintenance for users, full preventive maintenance techniques for technicians and fleet managers, financial/administration systems for fleet management, supply chain and stores management for technical staff and training for trainers. Riders have recently opened a second Academy in Kisumu, western Kenya.

Building blocks

Preventive maintenance

Regular, scheduled servicing, including all replacement parts, at Riders workshops or through our outreach maintenance service.

Driver/Rider training

Your staff will be trained in specially developed defensive driving techniques and daily maintenance checks-the best way to extend vehicle lifetime and drive down costs


Performance data on your fleet- useful for effective planning and management controls.

Motorcycle rider protective clothing

From helmet and jacket, to riding boots and gloves, the safety of your riders is our top priority.

Fuel (optional)

Access to fuel at places and times convinient for your drivers and riders as well as greater controlover usage and costs.

Vehicle administration (optional)

From tax to insurance, we'll make sure it's covered.