The story of Sarah Meco Layweh

The story of Sarah Meco Layweh

Sarah Meco Layweh is the only female sample transporter in Liberia. She is proud to ride a motorcycle to save lives and is also a licensed four-wheel vehicle driver. She says: “I enjoy doing this work, I want to encourage other women to join me make a difference".

Sarah supervises the Nimba county sample transport couriers whose job it is to collect urgent tests and blood samples from clinics and deliver them to labs on motorbike.

She sometimes covers 290km in a day, from Sanniquellie to Zudru Clinic in Tappita district and between Grand Gedeh and Nimba County.

It's Sarah's job to organise the riders' schedules and deliver useful equipment and documents to them when they need it such as hand sanitizer or gloves.

Making sure the entire operation runs smoothly is an important job and she is always ready to visit her riders in their base stations and facilities so she can understand their problems on the ground and help them carry out their life-saving work.