The story of Sarah Meco Layweh

The story of Sarah Meco Layweh

Sarah Meco Layweh is the only female sample transporter in Liberia. She is proud to ride a motorcycle to save lives

“I want to encourage other women to join me make the difference, I am also a licensed 4-wheel vehicle driver. I enjoy doing this work, I can sometimes cover 290km from Sanniquellie to Zudru Clinic In Tappita district between Grand Gedeh and Nimba County”.

Sarah supervises Nimba county couriers for sample transportations. She is also responsible for coordinating all riders’ activities in Nimba County. To do so, they have a setup time for meetings every now and again.

Daily they communicate on their different planned movements. She also visits them to their various base stations and facilities that they are not reporting or collecting samples to know the problem on the ground

Sarah also is responsible for carrying their supply to them whenever any is given by Riders such as raingear, hand sanitizer, gloves, sample log sheet, vehicle log sheet and sometimes documents from the Human Resources office.