Sample Transport Special feature March 2017

Sample Transport Special feature March 2017

Riders for Health continues to save lives in Liberia through the Sample Transport programme (Specimen transport). This national programme is operating at a full scale covering 302 health facilities using 60 professionally trained couriers across 15 counties, serving four testing laboratories. In March 2017 specimens were collected from about 120 of the 302 sites under the covered areas to include health facilities and funeral homes. The Month of March marks almost 2 years since the collection of the first sample in April 2015.

422 specimens were transported across Liberia in March 2017 and 80% of these were delivered to laboratories within 24 hours. Before Riders only 25% were delivered within 24hrs.

Riders Liberia has transitioned from transporting only Ebola samples to transporting all samples.

A total of 106,704Km were covered in March 2017 by 60 Sample transport motorcycles and no single accident was recorded. In the same month, all the 60 motorcycles were serviced on an outreach maintenance basis; this translates to 100% of the motorcycles currently used by couriers. The routine outreach preventive maintenance is designed to minimise breakdowns for the motorcycles operating in the harsh and challenging terrains and is one of the main pillars of Riders Sample transport system.

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