The story of Mayamiko

The story of Mayamiko

Mayamiko is a two-month old baby boy, born to an HIV-positive mother. Mayamiko only weighs 4kg and lives with his grandmother in Mtandile, a rural village near Lilongwe, Malawi as his mother is not able to look after him. After his mother was taken to the hospital, the hospital recommended that Mayamiko be tested for HIV as he had not had a test since birth. Mayamiko’s grandmother took him to the local clinic where they met Phyllis, the HIV testing and counselling provider, who has been trained on early infant diagnosis.

Phyllis took a blood sample from Mayamiko. This special ‘dry blood spot’ sample can only be analysed in a laboratory. But in the past when Phyllis tried to test children, there was often no way to get the blood sample to a lab.

But Mayamiko’s sample was collected by a Riders’ ST courier, who was also able to deliver the results on time. Unfortunately it was found that Mayamiko is HIV positive, but because Phyllis had the results she could start Mayamiko on treatment straight away. Phyllis also counselled Mayamiko’s grandmother about HIV and educated about the treatment he would need to keep him well. Without the support of the Riders’ ST couriers, Mayamiko would not have received treatment as quickly

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