how we work

Riders for Wellbeing International (RfWI) works to improve the capacity and efficiency of healthcare delivery platforms in Africa. 

This is done by strengthening transport systems, instilling a culture of maintenance, attention to detail, introducing new thinking and fostering attitude change, to support the reach to the rural poor in sub-Saharan Africa with health care and vital services. We help organisations, government entities to design/implement a sustained customised transport solution, building ownership of systems to ensure sustained reach to the rural poor by governments and communities past the program funding phase.
Riders’ system is unique; we are able to manage and maintain transport systems used in health care delivery from end to end – from the upfront planning and budgeting down to the retirement/replacement of the vehicle. Riders can do this as we have human and intellectual capital of over 30 years’ experience of Riders work in Africa using innovative thinking for the sole purpose of managing vehicle fleets and transport used in health systems – with a special focus on the ‘last mile’.We have the experience of engaging in true public-private partnerships with governments who see the benefit in outsourcing non-core services. We have experience in working with US government agencies given the success of our operation in Liberia for the eradication of Ebola. Our main partners are ministries of health (MoHs), UN agencies, US government agencies, and other health-focused non-governmental organisations (NGOs).
We establish new Riders programs in new countries. We build sustained transport systems with local ownership. We train nationals of the countries in which we work to be transport managers, transport administrators, workshop managers, vehicle/motorcycle technicians, safe drivers, safe riders, reliable and efficient specimen transport couriers through mentorship and supervision. This is to enable the transfer of core skills and embedding the culture of maintenance to build local capacity. We also share our expertise through engaging on various consultancy services, where we transfer our tried and tested Riders operations systems and processes, this is meant to ensure healthcare reaches everyone everywhere even in places where we do not have offices. This ranges from auditing transport systems and policies to training managers, technicians and riders on our experience in management of transport.
Depending with the nature of the partnerships and the operations engagements in the country programs, our programmes are led by nationals of the countries concerned, subject to have acquired the prerequisite skills. Recently, this principle has been naturally extended to incorporate an international, pan-African component
Our guiding principles are: a collaborative approach, an enterprising approach and the use of practical, appropriate, cost-effective solutions. We are innovative, continuously learning and continuously improving. Our systems work, all the time.

We invite you to join us in our mission to enable access to healthcare to those in the last mile through dependable transportation; to enable speedy detection, testing and treatment of diseases to prevent epidemics and improve health and overall wellbeing for all. Whether you're interested in partnering with us or making a donation, your support will help us continue our vital work. Contact us today and together, let's create a brighter future for Africa!

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