The story of Mohammed Ceesay

The story of Mohammed Ceesay

Mohammed Ceesay is reliable. And when you’re a midwife serving some of the most remote communities in Africa, reliability is crucial. This is when the motorcycle comes into its own.

Mohammed and his team work in the Kombo South district of The Gambia. They check on pregnant women, new born babies, and other patients, as well as carrying out health education.

Despite having to look after a population of 90,000, the team are able to offer outreach clinics and referrals to everyone, because they have reliable and consistent transport. Mohammed explained: ‘Before, I wasn’t sure when I’d get there, so many people wouldn’t go to the clinics. Now everyone comes. They know when they’re going to happen and they know we’ll be there.’

Since Riders have been managing the Ministry of Health’s fleet in The Gambia, Mohammed has always had a vehicle for his outreach clinics and has always been able to check his patients.

‘You can see the impact regular checks have on people. And, as well as the check-ups, the opportunity to give health education to a crowd of people is vital.’ Mohammed Ceesay, midwife, The Gambia