Denis Chiminya

Technical Director

Denis is the Technical Director for Riders for Wellbeing International. His role is Pan African in nature and involves the maintenance of Riders for Wellbeing International’s technical standards across our country programmes. He does this through training of fleet managers, technicians and road safety training. He has been involved in the setting up of several Riders for Wellbeing International programmes and just recently, he was part of the Riders Replications Team (RRT) which was involved with the setting up of a fleet management system in Liberia. This involved setting up of systems and processes to enable decentralised maintenance of vehicles across Liberia and included among others, construction of maintenance facilities and equipping them, training of local managers, technicians and drivers in the running of a fully-fledged fleet management system.
Denis is a holder of a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Transport and Logistics from the University of South Africa