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Our vision is “a world in which health care reaches everyone, everywhere.”


Our Mission is “to make the last mile the most important mile in health care delivery creating showing and sharing the solutions for achieving truly equitable health care.”


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Sarah Meco Layweh is the only female sample transporter in Liberia. She is proud to ride a motorcycle to save lives ... Read more

In 2015 Riders for Health responded to the Ebola outbreak with it the birth of ne Riders program. Riders Liberia has implemented a national fleet Read more

Riders for Health continues to save lives in Liberia through the Sample Transport programme (Specimen transport)... Read more

Mayamiko is a two-month old baby boy, born to an HIV-positive mother. Mayamiko only weighs 4kg and lives with his grandmother in Mtandile, a rural village near Lilongwe, Malawi as his mother is... Read more .

The drive to Tubmanville Health Clinic is a difficult one – even in the dry season when the baking sun has hardened the road underfoot. In the rainy season, the road becomes an oozing river of mud... Read more

One tenth of the world’s population does not have access to clean water and every 20 seconds a child dies as a result of poor sanitation. Riders for Health is mobilising health workers like Desterio... Read more

Moving global health forward

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